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One of my best friends has this poster hanging over his bed:

It is an original from the ‘89 battle of the bay. 

Recently he asked me if he’d ever told me the story about why he has the poster - he hadn’t. 

Seemingly shocked that he hadn’t, he was all YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS, and takes the framed poster off the wall. Taped to the backing of the frame is “his” ticket to Game 3 of the world series - which was put on hold because the Loma Preita Earthquake October 17th, 5:04 pm. The game was set to start at 5:35 pm.

I say “his” ticket because had he actually attended the game he would have been exactly 4 months old. Some fluke family thing kept his parents from going to the game and taking him with them that evening, but it is still a really cool story. 

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